Artist: Angelika Yutt
Country: Russia
Official Site: angelikamusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/angelikamusic
YouTube: youtube.com/angelikamusic2
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/angelikamusic
Angelika Yutt is a versatile singer whose work harmoniously combines great dance hits with lyrical soul touching songs. The artist, has managed to incorporate into her image a coquette and a dreamy little girl. She has also been a star of operettas and guest star of many european discos.
Born in the Crimea (Ukraine), Angelika has successfully performed with the belarussian state orchestra in Minsk, led by Mikhail Finberg, in Warsaw with Stanislav Fialkowski orchestra and other places such as: Frankfurt, Berlin, Salzburg, Moscow.
Possessing a pure coloratura soprano, Angelika is unique amongst european singers who interestingly combines classic vocal with trance, house and electro club music. Her dance versions of well known classic works produced originally by: Mozart, Kalman, Bach & Alyabev, can successfully, delight spectators of a concert hall and В«blowupВ» the minds of dancers on the dance floor of a night club. The original of these tracks are constantly played on radios and televisions of many countries.
Angelika is also a vocal teacher and Singing Coach. Her vocal training school В«Angelika Voice StudioВ», located in Moscow, has for 7 years been giving lessons in vocal techniques to young and future artists and even some star artists.